Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Module

Early involvement and planning with our customers from the product design stage enables eliminating production engineering problems, lowering production cost and improving production efficiency substantially. Specifically, we are providing:

Turnkey Contract Manufacturing of OEM and ODM products.
Complete product development, from circuit design, prototyping, BOM generation to preparation and implementation of product test plan.
Plastic injection molding design and tooling design for metal parts.
Component sourcing, procurement and management.
Logistics arrangement for finished goods.
On-going cost reduction program.
Testing plan design and recommendation.


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When a product's development starts, it begins a journey of development and manufacturing processes that comply with our quality philosophy, systems and related procedures in ISO9000-2000.

After initial development stage, all new products will go through our Design Validation Test. The Design Validation Test is an engineering managed assembly of typically 50 to 100 units.

Afterward, our engineering & quality department to the rest of the project team will provide detailed analysis report. Base on this report, areas of improvement will be incorporated into the product design.

In the second stage, we will go over a production validation test. The test assembly run is typically 500 to 1000 units. Upon acceptance of the test process, we schedule the product for mass production.


In the mass production stage, our manufacturing Management Information System team will work with our quality department to design programs for capturing production data on a real-time basis. Our goals are to have timely performance data to support our statistically process control systems and to provide customers with on-going quality status.

We have used SPC monitoring and continuous improvement to track the quality during manufacturing. Working with the customers, we also will determine the level of functional and cosmetic examination required for final product inspection.

We have worked with various forms of enclosures and packaging technologies, from molded part assembly to mechanical assembly, and potted assembly.

Once we have a final tested product, we can either provide bulk packaging or retail unit packaging. We have many good sources for printing and vacuum formed packaging materials. Our goal is to provide the finished product ready for your customers.

As conclusion, Chung Nam Electronics is the one stop shop to meet your entire requirement; we provide experience, knowledge and quality assurance. Look forward to serve our future partners.

Pre-compliance test for the following countries and regulations: FCC (USA), CE (Europe), SRRC (China), NCC (Taiwan), MIC (Korea), Telec (Japan), ACMA (Australia).
Pre-compliance tests include:

Conducted and Radiated tests
In-band and Out-of-Band measurements
Channel Power
Adjacent Channel Power, Alternate Channel Power
Occupied Bandwidth
Band edge spurious
Near band edge spurious
Restricted band spurious
Non-restricted band spurious
Antenna Absolute Gain
– linear and circular polarization (left and right hand CP)
Antenna beamwidth
Frequency coverage: 200 MHz to 26.5 GHz, will extend in the lower range to 30 MHz in June 2008
Experience from previous product design experience
Provides modification suggestions with built-in DFM and cost consideration
Handles documentation and interface with agency labs local and overseas
FCC Part 15B (conducted, radiated) DOC, CE, CCC, VCCI
FCC Part 15C, 15E (2.4G, 5G WLAN)
UL 60950, CB report, CSA, C-UL
Wi-Fi (WLAN)
Reduce Time-to-market
Concurrent DFM/DFT reviews
Engineering Sample production
Handles documentation and interface with agency labs local and overseas
Test development
Localized component source and evaluation
Engineering Sample trouble-shooting/analysis, reliability & agency test