Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Module


Certification Pre-compliance Test Service

We have well-experience engineering as well as manufacturing teams in our manufactuing plant.
We also have sound RF design, manfacturing and testing facilities in the plants.
Anechoic chamber for the RF measurement is built as well.

Anechoic Chamber
Frequency coverage: 30 MHz to 26.5 GHz
Pre-compliance test for the following countries and regulations: FCC (USA), CE (Europe), SRRC (China), NCC (Taiwan), MIC (Korea), Telec (Japan), ACMA (Australia).

Pre-compliance tests include:

Conducted and Radiated tests
In-band and Out-of-Band measurements
Channel Power
Adjacent Channel Power, Alternate Channel Power
Occupied Bandwidth
Band edge spurious
Near band edge spurious
Restricted band spurious
Non-restricted band spurious
Antenna Absolute Gain
– linear and circular polarization (left and right hand CP)
Antenna beamwidth


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