Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Module


Professional Mechanical Design Service

CNE offers product and enclosure design for static and dynamic solutions in both plastic and metal (sheet metal stamping and die-casting enclosures) for low-to-high-volume applications. The mechanical design team, working together with our RFID and Wireless hardware design teams, help to provide solutions for material and process research, detailed component information, bill of materials, PCB outline and electro-mechanical component layout, and pack-out design solutions. The engineering team validates the solutions by performing various tests and analysis including dynamic analysis, stress analysis, drop test simulation, thermal analysis, design for manufacture, and mold flow simulation. We also provide services in manufacturing the rapid prototypes, casting prototypes, sheet metal prototypes and machining prototypes.

Our mechanical engineering development team with combined experience in designing ruggedized, dust-tight and water-proof products such as RFID handheld Reader and many of the Passive / Active Tags for military applications, which have been proven to meet the IP65/66 rating and robust drop test requirements.
[illustrative diagram to demonstrate the IP65 rating]

Tooling Design

CNE has tied-up with reliable and high quality partners to help support its clients with the best tooling solutions in the industry in providing complete plastic injecting molding capabilities, including mold making, verification, and validation, with injection types such as gas-assist, and thin wall injection, double injection/ over-molding. Based on the type of requirements, our partner also provides support for tool design like press tool, die-casting, extrusion dies, for various metal product requirements.

Industrial Design

CNE designs and develops innovative industrial grade and consumable products that address the needs of users as well as the marketplace. Our skilled product designers and engineers utilizes multiple tools to create in-depth concept models for the client. Drawings, illustrations, 2-D and 3-D CAD models, mock ups and detailed hard models are used to convey solutions based on our clients’ needs derived through application studies, research in benchmarking competitive products and a deep understanding of manufacturing constraints and processes. We also provide complete solutions to product packaging.



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